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Behind the Scenes: Love Chemistry Lab

Love Chemistry Lab is by far, the smuttiest book we've worked on, and it might even be the smuttiest book I, personally, have read.  It was especially jarring because the other two books in the assigned bundle were positively chaste. ^^;

Upon rereading LCL, I realized that there's not much in the way of interesting trivia or references, so this post will focus more on localizer commentary and actual Behind the Scenes info on the production process.  Enjoy!


Page 1 (the page before the table of contents)
The text on this page was already in English in the original manga. It's the poem Beginning my Studies by Walt Whitman. (~Sinister Queien)

Page 6 
No, the book did not spontaneously skip a bunch of pages.  The smut really did start on page 2 of chapter 1.  Jaws probably dropped.  In fact, our original translator for this book politely opted out upon realizing the extreme nature of a majority of the content.  Leighann saved our butts once again by volunteering to fill in. 

Page 16 
I hope this goes without saying, but I'll say it anyway.  This is a work of fiction (and fantasy, even), and you should not attempt to emulate anything shown in this book unless you or your partner is knowledgeable about health and safety during hardcore naughty times.  Therefore, please do not fashion DIY enemas out of high school chemistry lab equipment.  It's probably a very bad idea.

Page 22
Likewise, I would advise against inserting what appear to be glass objects into any bodily orifices.  I understand that they make devices for that purpose out of materials that are designed not to break during vigorous use.

Page 25 - Come vs. Cum
Originally, the script we came up with used the word "cum" throughout.  The translator and editor felt that it had a dirtier feel that was appropriate to the book itself.  When we sent it off to DMG for spot-checking, we were informed that "come" should be used for the verb, and "cum" should be reserved for the resulting noun.  The more you know.

Page 28

Oh hey, look at that.  You don't see reversible couples in yaoi too often.

Page 36
SURPRISE BJ!  Ahahaha. :D

Page 52
By the way, I had a lot of fun formatting the chapter titles in this book.  There were lots of different styles to recreate with the English text and fonts.

Page 65
Oh right, I haven't mentioned the censorship yet.  May I just say, the censorship in yaoi manga tends to be the most hilariously half-assed censorship I've ever encountered.  Hilarious because in this book, with the little black circles, you get panels like 65.3, where the guy looks like he's holding a microphone that's popping out of his pants.  Rock out with your cock out, buddy.

Page 67 - "Form is emptiness..."

Hey look, genuine trivia.  Google that phrase, and you'll get scads of pages on Buddhism and sutras.

The "spirits I beseech thee" line was originally in archaic-sounding Japanese. After much googling on our translator's part, it was discovered that this line comes from an 18th century French book of black magic. Specifically, it was from a summoning spell. The line ("Eloim, Essaim, frugativi et appelavi") was originally in Latin and then translated into Japanese. The Japanese version translated to "I beg and plead of you," so I edited it to make it sound more ancient. (~Sinister Queien)

Page 82 - Antoni Gaudi

An architect, as indicated. However, the name was originally written as "Antonio."

Page 118
Keep your hands to yourself, lady. >:[

Page 128
All my sadness. ;_;

Page 144
Please don't drug people in real life.  Most people won't be as understanding as Shindou-san.
Page 165
Chapter 7, with its two couples and atypical sex education, was quite popular with the three of us who worked on it.  It's just too funny and ridiculous to be believed. :D

Page 182
Sensei's Advice: "Lavishing affection on each other's dicks will bring the two of you closer together."  Sounds legit.

About the mangaka

As noted in the afterword on page 189, this was Jun Kajimoto's first tankobon, published back in 2000.  If that's where she started out, I wonder what her more recent work is like!  The website that was originally mentioned in the book had long expired, so we hunted down Kajimoto's current blog and used that in the afterword.  Check it out here!

Interested in reading more of her works in English?  Try:
  • Indefinite Sociogram, localized by Steamy Side Productions.  Both volumes of that series are now available on various platforms.
  • The River's Current, localized by Intriguingly Sinful.  There seems to be a holdup in production on that one, but hopefully it'll see a release soon!

Love Chemistry Lab can be found on the following platforms: 
eManga | Kindle | Nook | PDF

And we also have a main info page for Previews.

Love Chemistry Lab - renai kagaku jikkenshitsu © Jun Kajimoto. All rights reserved. Original Japanese edition published in 2000 by Magazine Magazine.

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