Thursday, March 21, 2013

March Updates!

It looks like I'm falling into a pattern of posting updates roughly once a month.  You know what?  I can live with that.

We've currently got three titles that have been submitted, but are apparently held up in production.  Maybe it's time to start pestering somebody about those at the next webcast.  DMI staff, we're comin' for you! >:3 ;)

Lettering for two other titles is well under way.  I can't speak about The Fortnight Before (Sae Nakamura), but Prince and Butler (Rayra Katagiri) is very, very eye-opening.  Steeeamy.  Fans of smutty yaoi should definitely put this one on their wishlists.

Some nifty things have been going on at lately:
  • They're branching out into video games!  That's cool, I guess.  I'm not personally interested, but it's great for the folks who are. :)
  • They're branching out into eeeeeeverything.  Wow!  The navigation menu has placeholders for anime and American comics, in addition to the aforementioned video games.
  • There's now an Online User counter on the front page!  I know, not particularly noteworthy, but I'm just tickled by stuff like that.  ^^
SinisterQueien: The Fortnight Before (name change pending) is REALLY good! I wasn't expecting this one to have so much sex in it! Also, I was shocked by how predictable yet unpredictable the stories were. In each of the three stories, the romantic side of the story felt really obvious to me, but there was always something in the main plot that threw me for a loop. Also, the last story features a tsundere guy! :D I'm such a sucker for tsunderes... 

I'm also really enjoying I Want to Hear Your Voice. It's so touching! ;_; Unfortunately, there's objectionable material that we need to talk to DMG about. Other than that, though, it's really good! 

Another cool thing going on with emanga is that they're going to start publishing comics, short stories, novellas, and more. I'm really looking forward to all this new material that's becoming available on the site!