DMG Groups

Due to the current lack of a directory of Digital Manga Guild groups, I've decided to start keeping an index here.  This is intended to help us promote ourselves and each other as a community.  It may also function as the start of a link exchange - anybody I add here is free to link back to Sinister Hands using the banner below, but if you want to create a links page on your own site, please don't link to any of the other groups listed here until after you've gotten their permission to link to them.  I'm contacting the groups that I'm able to find, but if I miss you and you'd like to be added (or not!), let me know either here or via twitter @SinisterHands.

I'm intending to link only to your main webpage/blog, so if you have several, please submit the one you update the most frequently.  I would rather not list twitter accounts unless it's the only site you have available. (These parameters are intended to keep some neatness to this page - I know some of you guys have tentacles in almost every social media network! ^_^)  If you have a banner you'd like to include, I can put that up too, but if it's wider than 450px, it will be shrunk.

So, DMGers!  Let's Make an Index!

Acolytes of Adaptation

Boys Love Bang Bang

Four Leaf Clover

Heaven's Blade

Intriguingly Sinful & Creatively Robust Unit

Sinister Hands (You Are Here ^_^ )


  1. Hi, DL Warner with Heaven's Blade. I'd be glad to join the index. We need to set up a page that has a list of the books we've done. Everything is sort of all over the place.

    1. Hey, great! Let me know when you've got something ready for me to link to. :)

  2. I will have something later tonight or tomorrow. Also, I run the yaoi news Facebook page, Yaoi a go go. I'd be glad to post any teams blogs there. The posts there are doing really well.

  3. Here's the Heaven's Blade link:

    1. Thanks, I will add that shortly. Feel free to plug Sinister Hands on Facebook, but I'd recommend you talk to other teams too before posting their blogs. I'm not sure of the proper netiquette, but I don't want to presume that someone who gave their permission to be linked here has also given permission to be linked elsewhere. :)