Thursday, November 29, 2012

Behind the Scenes: Love Chemistry Lab

Love Chemistry Lab is by far, the smuttiest book we've worked on, and it might even be the smuttiest book I, personally, have read.  It was especially jarring because the other two books in the assigned bundle were positively chaste. ^^;

Upon rereading LCL, I realized that there's not much in the way of interesting trivia or references, so this post will focus more on localizer commentary and actual Behind the Scenes info on the production process.  Enjoy!

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Love is Like a Hurricane PLUS, by Tokiya Shimazaki

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President Azuma, known for both his intelligence and attractiveness, fell in love at first sight with Mizuki Hasegawa. Mizuki Hasegawa wasn't very impressed with his courtship, from the first surprising fumbling he felt on the train on his way to school, to being told that he reminded Azuma of a dog he used to own. Azuma found himself with his hands full as Mizuki battled him every step of the way to no avail, and all too soon, the pair found themselves in the eye of a hurricane of love. ♥ Now a long established couple, the pair have matured a bit, and return in this sequel to the wildly popular original series. Everything is far from smooth sailing, however, as their love continues to encounter category 4 storms thanks to Mizuki's short temper and Azuma's own machinations. Can their love survive?

Translated by Duane Johnson
Edited by Kimiko Kotani
Lettered by S. Russell