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Climb on to My Shoulders, by Yuhki Takada
Five review copies available
"...this book is far too compelling and quirky to miss."
~Melinda Beasi of Manga Bookshelf (full text)

"...while the manga is billed as a 'comedy,' it's more just quirky."

~Danica Davidson of Otaku USA Magazine (large image)
It seems the consensus is in.  Quirky is the word of the day! Know of any other reviews?  Please share!

I'm the Big Brother, by Kei Kanai 
Four review copies available 
" enjoyable light and innocuous yaoi read about 'brotherly love'."  ~Teh_N_Mochi (full review on B&N)
Many thanks to TNM for that indepth review!  Glad you found it to your liking.  Several more reviews can be found on Amazon and Goodreads.  Check em out!

Love Chemistry Lab, by Jun Kajimoto
Five review copies available

Nazuna Sensei & Kanda Kun, by Yuhki Takada
Five review copies available

Snow and Kisses, by Fukuko Matsuo
Five review copies available

ULTRAS, by est em
We have two short blurb style reviews of Ultras, from Michelle Smith, of Manga Bookshelf (full text), and Che Gilson of Otaku USA (large image).

Yes It's Me, by Tomoko Yamashita
Five review copies available

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