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Sinister Hands assignments:

 Switch On!
by Kashio

This doesn't really feature a love triangle so much as a love...blob. Everyone seems to have a crush on everyone else, and none of them are mutual. The comedy of errors plot twist in the beginning amuses me greatly. I think Sarah had it right when she described this book as a bunch of teenaged boys acting like teenaged girls. Ooh drama.

Status: Submitted - coming soon!

Special/joint assignments:

Femmes Fatales
by Shigeru Tsuchiyama

O-Sato is willing to do anything to get revenge on the men who raped and murdered her younger sister, even if she must sleep with the perpetrators in order to get close enough to them to slit their throats. She is a viper longing to coat her fangs with the blood of the guilty. O-Sono marries into wealth and power. However, her jealousy soon drives her to punish her cheating husband right where it will hurt him the most. O-Kinu uses her innocent face and honeyed words to get whatever she wants, no matter the cost. She leaves a trail of the blood of her lovers in her wake. Sinister and sexy, the women illustrated in Femme Fatales embrace their darkest natures. Men who enter into the barbed embraces of these deadly women are doomed to never leave. Hell hath no fury...

Status: Submitted to production and coming soon!

I Want to Hear Your Voice
by Yukari Hashida

The title story is so touching and made me feel so many emotions... ;_; The main character, a rock star who is losing his voice, meets a mute boy who lost his voice from a trauma. I don't think I can say anymore without giving away the ending, but it's absolutely gorgeous!

Status: Completely translated; lettering has begun.

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