Friday, February 15, 2013

Updates and New Assignments!

Happy mid-February!  Here's a bunch of progress updates. :)

Welcome to Nyan Cafe, by Kira Nakamura 


Not twenty minutes ago, I finished lettering the final pages of Nyan Cafe.  Soooo cyoooot.  Kittyboys EVERYWHERE.  Now all that's left is a few more QC passes, and then submission.  Maybe we'll see this one released by March.  Fingers crossed that it makes it through DMG Production quickly! (We're still waiting on some projects that were submitted...last year...? ^^; )

Now the good stuff.  We got some new assignments!


The Fortnight Before,
by Sae Nakamura


Sinister Queien is signed on to edit this one! Hmm hmm hmm, I wonder what's in it...


Switch On, by Kashio


We ride again!  Switch On! is the first new Sinister Hands assignment since last year's Yes It's Me. (Yes, Nyan Cafe is now an SH project, but that was decided retroactively.  Switch On! is under our name from the start!)

The translator for this project is fresh DMG blood, so let's hope he gets a hot warm yaoi welcome. >:]