Monday, December 23, 2013

Femme Fatales by Shigeru Tsuchiyama

emanga | Too Hot for Kindle! | Nook | Goodreads

O-Sato is willing to do anything to get revenge on the men who raped and murdered her younger sister, even if she must sleep with the perpetrators in order to get close enough to them to slit their throats. She is a viper longing to coat her fangs in the blood of the guilty. O-Sono marries into wealth and power. However, her jealousy soon drives her to punish her cheating husband right where it will hurt him the most. O-Kinu uses her innocent face and honeyed words to get whatever she wants, no matter the cost. She leaves a trail of the blood of her lovers in her wake. Sinister and sexy, the women illustrated in Femmes Fatales embrace their darkest natures. Men who enter into the barbed embraces of these deadly women are doomed to never leave. Hell hath no fury...

Translated by Dramatic Prince
Edited by Lindley Warmington
Lettered by Maria Martin Lucas

Thursday, October 31, 2013

Happy Halloween!

Hey, on the west coast, there's still 40 minutes of Halloween left! ^^;

So, this is cool! Editor Lindley was interviewed by Organization Anti-Social Geniuses, a nifty anime/manga blog. Check it out!

Saturday, October 5, 2013

Switch On! by Kashio

eManga | Kindle | NookGoodreads 

When impressionable young Natsume receives a love letter from a handsome freshman, he falls in love at first sight. Natsume goes to find his admirer to confess that the feelings are mutual, but he is shocked when he is harshly rebuked. In order to discover the one who is truly worthy of his heart, Natsume must unravel a tangled web of miscommunication and secret admirers.

The long-awaited manga by Kashio, Switch On! is a collection of short stories that features young men falling in love for the first time.

Translated by Leighann Harvey
Edited by Lindley Warmington
Lettered by S. Russell

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

A Fortnight Until We Touch, by Sae Nakamura

eManga | Kindle | NookGoodreads

Ooji hasn't been the same since his coworker Kaizuka quit. Kaizuka's replacement, Sekimoto, is rude at first, but Ooji still can't resist offering to let him crash at his place. Though there may be tension between them at first, a lot can change in a fortnight.

Minase can't stop thinking about the summer of his last year of high school when his mother died. His friend Susa took him to the beach and patted him on the head. Now, five years later, Minase keeps waking up at three every morning to find a sleepwalking Susa at his door.

Though Sawaki's high school crush Shiino left him, he could never forget him. After running into him again three years later, he swears this time will be different, even if the ring on Shiino's finger means he has already been claimed by another.

A Fortnight Until We Touch features three emotional short stories of second chances born from words left unsaid.

Translated by Anisa

Edited by Lindley Warmington
Lettered by Nitisha Dusoye-Bhautoa 

Welcome to Nyan Cafe! by Kira Nakamura

eManga | Kindle | Nook | Goodreads

Welcome to Nyan Cafe, a host club where all the hosts are cats! Who would you like your host to be today? There's the big, fluffy Norwegian Forest Cat, Nor, who's handsome and suave but a bit of a show-off. Or maybe Curl the tsundere American Curl is more to your tastes? If not, then there's always Scotch, the Scottish Fold. His flirty and gentlemanly nature is sure to win you over—just watch out for his sadistic streak. Oh, and let's not forgot our newest member: Shiro, the mixed breed! He's the youngest and most adorable of the group.

Have you decided? Good! Have a seat and join in the fun! If you're lucky, something special might happen today!

Translated by Barbara J. Vincent
Edited by Lindley Warmington
Lettered by S. Russell

Friday, April 12, 2013

Obey Your Secretary! by Choko Kabutomaru

eManga | Too hot for Kindle! | Nook | PDF | Goodreads

When Masatsugu's father spontaneously decides to travel the world, Masatsugu is forced into the role of company president. The plus side is that the secretary assigned to him is Shiroba, the man he's madly in love with. But Shiroba only seems to see Masatsugu as his boss instead of as a potential lover. If Masatsugu pulls a few strings, he can win Shiroba's body. However, Masatsugu isn't quite as in charge as he thinks he is.

Obey Your Secretary! features three short stories of strong and confident secretaries who use unconventional (and sexy) methods to whip their bosses into shape. Also included are two stories of sweet office romance. It's not always a bad idea to get your meat where you make your bread!

Translated by Barbara J. Vincent
Edited by Lindley Warmington
Lettered by Kiliana Kobielska

Thursday, March 21, 2013

March Updates!

It looks like I'm falling into a pattern of posting updates roughly once a month.  You know what?  I can live with that.

We've currently got three titles that have been submitted, but are apparently held up in production.  Maybe it's time to start pestering somebody about those at the next webcast.  DMI staff, we're comin' for you! >:3 ;)

Lettering for two other titles is well under way.  I can't speak about The Fortnight Before (Sae Nakamura), but Prince and Butler (Rayra Katagiri) is very, very eye-opening.  Steeeamy.  Fans of smutty yaoi should definitely put this one on their wishlists.

Some nifty things have been going on at lately:
  • They're branching out into video games!  That's cool, I guess.  I'm not personally interested, but it's great for the folks who are. :)
  • They're branching out into eeeeeeverything.  Wow!  The navigation menu has placeholders for anime and American comics, in addition to the aforementioned video games.
  • There's now an Online User counter on the front page!  I know, not particularly noteworthy, but I'm just tickled by stuff like that.  ^^
SinisterQueien: The Fortnight Before (name change pending) is REALLY good! I wasn't expecting this one to have so much sex in it! Also, I was shocked by how predictable yet unpredictable the stories were. In each of the three stories, the romantic side of the story felt really obvious to me, but there was always something in the main plot that threw me for a loop. Also, the last story features a tsundere guy! :D I'm such a sucker for tsunderes... 

I'm also really enjoying I Want to Hear Your Voice. It's so touching! ;_; Unfortunately, there's objectionable material that we need to talk to DMG about. Other than that, though, it's really good! 

Another cool thing going on with emanga is that they're going to start publishing comics, short stories, novellas, and more. I'm really looking forward to all this new material that's becoming available on the site!