Thursday, September 13, 2012

Release: Yes It's Me on Nook, Kindle, Wowio!

New title available, and so soon after the last one!  Out of all the books I've gotten to work on so far, this one is my absolute favorite.  It's funny and heartfelt and amazing. Nook | Kindle | PDF

Touma suspects that his long-time friend and business partner Enoki might have a crush on him. Though honestly, who wouldn't fall in love with someone so gorgeous? But when Enoki accuses Touma of being the one with the crush, Touma doesn't know what to think! After all, how could Touma have room in his heart for another when he's already so madly in love with himself?

Tomoko Yamashita presents a collection far removed from the norms of the Boys’ Love genre. These seven atypical stories are filled with drama, tension, and above all, an uncommon wit.

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