Friday, September 7, 2012

Nazuna Sensei & Kanda Kun, by Yuhki Takada

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Kanda is a normal grad student working on his Master’s degree. At the start of the new school year, his ceiling collapses and dozens of computers, two cats, and a strange man suddenly drop into his apartment. Even more startling, this quirky, childish, and disorganized man is Nazuna-sensei, a teacher at his school! Their unique situation forces the two of them to live together until the ceiling can be repaired. Kanda is annoyed that he’s forced to live with a stranger…but can’t quite bring himself to hate it. Nazuna Sensei & Kanda Kun follows a teacher who only notices computers and cats, and a student who's noticing him.

Translated by Leighann Harvey

Edited by Lindley Warmington
Lettered by S. Russell

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Nazuna Sensei & Kanda Kun - nazuna sensei to kanda kun © Yuhki Takada. All rights reserved. Original Japanese edition published in 2009 by Taiyoh Tosho Publishing Co., Ltd.

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