Friday, April 12, 2013

Obey Your Secretary! by Choko Kabutomaru

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When Masatsugu's father spontaneously decides to travel the world, Masatsugu is forced into the role of company president. The plus side is that the secretary assigned to him is Shiroba, the man he's madly in love with. But Shiroba only seems to see Masatsugu as his boss instead of as a potential lover. If Masatsugu pulls a few strings, he can win Shiroba's body. However, Masatsugu isn't quite as in charge as he thinks he is.

Obey Your Secretary! features three short stories of strong and confident secretaries who use unconventional (and sexy) methods to whip their bosses into shape. Also included are two stories of sweet office romance. It's not always a bad idea to get your meat where you make your bread!

Translated by Barbara J. Vincent
Edited by Lindley Warmington
Lettered by Kiliana Kobielska

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