Saturday, July 14, 2012

Coming soon: Trivia Posts!

I've been working on a little something special for this blog lately.  We realized recently that a lot of our previous releases made sneaky little references to certain people or things, and thought it'd be fun to put together some trivia pages to collect all those interesting little tidbits.  If you've read Climb on to My Shoulders, I'll bet you already have a fair idea of what sort of information might be listed.  That book was a great homage to many of the tech industry's biggest names. ;)  Stay tuned for the first post, coming soon!


  1. Heya Sarah! That does sound like fabulous fun!
    By the way, two things: first, I am totally and vigorously humping both meanings for your group's name; and second, are you the lovely lassie who is keeping Goodreads up-to-date with all DMG's releases? If so, watch out, I'm humping you next! <3

    1. Oh noes, my virtue! *Victorian swoon*

      Yep, that's me doing the GR shelves. Redirecting OCD tendencies in order to benefit the world. XD